Types of Wristbands

We supply a range of wristbands to suit your event requirements.
We have one goal in mind and that is to revolutionise the access control wristband by turning it into an advertising platform rather than just a boring wristband.

Tyvek wristbands

Tyvek wristbands are the most economical wristbands. The Tyvek material may look like paper but cannot be torn. They are waterproof and also tamper proof. Due to the low cost Tyvek is widely used at many events, concerts, parties & resorts.

Hologram Wristbands

We are able to produce high quality high security hologram material wristbands. This specialised hologram material is specially imported and then converted by us in South Africa to produce wristbands that are very difficult to counterfeit. These wristbands are manufactured from start to finish in a security and access controlled environment.

PVC wristbands – New Tech

Our New Tech PVC Wristbands are made from a unique material that is virtually indestructible.  They last from a day to up to two weeks making them perfect for multi day events.

Material wristbands

Material wristbands also great for multi day events. These wristbands can just give your event that memorabilia everyone loves.

High Security Wristbands

We are able to offer wristbands that are virtually impossible to copy.  These wristbands are not made in South Africa.

These wristbands include:

  • Lenticular wristbands
  • Photographic wristbands with embedded holographic film
  • Full colour wristbands with bar codes printed directly onto them (Variable data)

For security reasons we do not show these wristbands here, you are welcome to call our office to see what is possible.