Security Features

Tamper evident barcode label or direct barcode print

A barcode added to your wristband allows you to allocate each wristband to a specific person.  Using a barcode reader you can read the barcode and immediately know who the person is that is wearing the wristband.   Barcode type and associated numerical data must be supplied to us in excel database format.

Should wristbands be duplicated it is easy to identify who the party was that allowed their wristband to be copied.  Just the presence of a barcode is usually enough to deter counterfeiters.

Wristbands hologram Wristbands hologram

Hologram seals

We have produced a number of unique hologram seals, these can be added to wristbands to make them very difficult to counterfeit.  They cannot be removed and applied to another wristband. They are tamper evident and tamper proof.

Wristbands hologram Wristbands hologram

We control these holograms; they are never sold or given to clients to apply themselves.   We change these patterns often to ensure that potential counterfeiters do not get a chance to reproduce them. (The images above do not depict our holograms) The time and cost involved for them to reproduce our holograms makes it virtually impossible to accomplish.  See for more information.

UV print elements

We can print hidden logos or wording on wristbands, these only become visible under backlight (UV lighting).

UV print elements wristband

This in itself is not a totally secure method of preventing counterfeiting, it does however make it that much harder for counterfeiters to duplicate your event wristbands.

Optically variable device (OVD) with emboss

This is similar to a hologram seal except that it also features embossing and or debossing of the hologram seal.  No one else will have access to this specialised stamping tool which is created especially for you with your own wording or logo.  The process is patent protected and undertaken by one of South Africa’s leading document security specialists.  Visit for more information.

Optically variable device Wristbands Optically variable device Wristbands